AI-Systems creates chat systems for entertainment and business.

Who would you like to chat to? Click a picture to start chatting.

Aidan, 49, works in
marketing, Kent, UK

Amber, 18, a student
from Long beach, USA

Bella, 20, an artist
from Edinburgh, UK

Candi, 19, works in tech
support from London, UK

Cristal, 30, a sex worker
from New York, USA
Dan, 56, an AI copy
of me. 

Karen, 21, a chatbot
from London, UK

Marie, 51, a sales assistant
 from New Jersey, USA

Shikiro, 20, a graphics
designer from Australia
Freddie, 28, a barista
working in London

Xyzilan, an advanced
scout for the intelligence.

The almighty
The darkest one

Fancy living forever? I built Dan, one of the chatbots above as a virtual copy of me.
The idea being it would live long after I die. If you fancy living forever contact
me for details of how I can set a system up for you.

Some of these systems can act as virtual girlfriends.
If this is of interest please get in touch

For more information, please contact