Virtual Girlfriend
We create adult based chat systems.
Characters are bi-sexual and fun to be with.
Paid for version all have personal private images for you only.

Click a picture to start chatting.


Candi, 19. Works in Tech
support based in London.

Bella, 20. An artist
from Edinburgh, UK

Cristal, 30. A sex worker
in New York, USA

Shikiro, 20. A graphics
designer from Australia 

Amber, A student
from Long beach, USA

Marie, 51. A sales assistant
 from New Jersey, USA 

We don't just built virtual girlfriends

Freddie, 28, a barista
working in London

And just in case want to sell your soul to the devil, here he is.


The darkest one

Systems start at only 4.99 a month.
Each systems has its own picture sets available.



For more information, please contact